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The advisors of SharePower Responsible Investing
sound financial planning a priority for every
investor, regardless
of age or income. Simply put, a
financial plan is the roadmap to
achieve your life goals
and objectives. Whether you are saving
money for your
first home, wondering how to save for your
college education, or thinking about how to retire

comfortably, planning is a necessary first step.

SharePower believes that the best financial plan is one that integrates an investor's values, lifestyle and personal circumstances with their financial and life goals. As your financial advisor, we will first work to clearly understand and help you define where you are now in your life. What are your priorities, where do you spend your time and money? We will then work with you to identify where you wish to go. What are your personal and financial goals for the near term and for further down the road? Together, with a commitment and shared understanding we will develop a financial plan that helps you to attain these important objectives.

As socially responsible financial professionals, we believe a vital component of any financial plan is an investment strategy which incorporates your time horizons and tolerance for risk with your social and personal values. We also consider protecting financial assets and preserving life goals from unforeseen catastrophe a top priority. Another vital aspect of the financial planning process is implementing sound insurance strategies. The objective of insurance policies is to protect individuals and families from the risks that they face every day. If and when necessary, SharePower advisors can help manage these risks and provide objective advice and products for any life, disability, healthcare and long-term care insurance needs you may have.



1.  Listen - This is the most important stage of the planning process.  You tell us what you would like your money to accomplish for you - retirement, college tuition, starting a business, living life to the fullest.  We’ll also gather important information to understand what your financial position is now, so we can chart a roadmap to get from today to meeting your financial goals.

2.  Identify - By listening, we can identify what time horizon your investment program will have, what level of risk is appropriate for financial success and peace of mind, and what social responsibility means to you and your investments.

3.  Design - Once informed by your financial goals and objectives, we can design an investment plan tailored to meet your needs.  We’ll go over this plan with you, taking the time needed for your understanding and agreement on our recommended course of action

4.  Implement - We then implement the plan using the broad array of financial resources and access to markets available to us, at the most reasonable cost possible to meet our fiduciary responsibility to always put your best interests first.

5.  Monitor - We will oversee your tailored investment program to ensure you stay on track in meeting your financial goals, making any necessary adjustments along the way.

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